Drone Services

RMD is proud to offer a variety of services featuring UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, commonly called 'drones'). RMD maintains and operates a fleet of custom UAVs with a variety of payloads to serve the needs of a wide range of customers.  Please contact us to discuss your specific project.

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Aerial Imaging

RMD offers a variety of imaging services for inspection of bridges, pipelines, wind turbines, power lines, infrastructure and agriculture. 

RMD can provide NDVI maps, thermal imagery, and video data of a variety of different applications.

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Aerial Spraying

Using our custom designed sprayer system, RMD is capable of providing targeted sprays of individual plants (such as in invasive plant management), as well as pre-programmed GPS spray paths of row crops.

In the case of individual plant targets, a special nozzle can be fitted to reduce unwanted drift of the liquid. A real time camera system on board confirms accurate spraying.

For more traditional spraying applications, the system can be programmed to fly GPS waypoints, allowing for the same flight to be flown on different days. This allows for consistent sprays, every time.

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Custom Payload Integration and vehicle construction

Do you have special payload requirements? The Vector R30 is capable of operating with payloads up to 45lbs, and with unmatched flight time in the industry. RMD will work with you to integrate your custom payload to meet your specific needs.

Need a different type of vehicle? Have an idea for a custom payload? RMD is capable of designing and manufacturing complete systems to your specifications.