Past Projects

RMD has worked on a wide range of projects for a variety of customers in various industries. The core competency of RMD is electromechanical system design, with a heavy emphasis on industrial robotics and aerospace


Canard control actuator system (CAS)


The small (4" diameter) control actuator system was designed to be used in a target missile to provide a realistic test target for the SM2 missile program. Weighing in at just over 2lbs, this system used 4 custom designed bevel gearboxes driven by four 750W brushless DC motors. Optical encoders on the output shaft provided position feedback on the control surfaces, and a small MEMS IMU was mounted to the underside of the baseplate.

30-36" bidirectional pipeline tool

This multidiameter bidirectional pipeline tool was designed to inspect the full body of the pipe while scanning at a constant speed of 6"/second.  The tool carried a full suite of batteries and onboard computer to analyze and store the data. The tool operated without a tether, and was capable of negotiating 1.5D bends in 36" diameter pipe. Full aluminum construction allowed the weight of each tool body to come in at a scant 350 pounds, allowing the units to be self propelled. Equivalent tools of this size usually tip the scales at over 4400lbs.



Guided 40mm munition

A control actuator system was developed for small spin stabilized munitions utilizing a voice coil actuator. Fixed angle of attack wings were stowed during launch, and then deployed and retracted during various phases of the spin to gently guide the munition to help fight wind, or engage moving targets. The system contained a small IR seeker in the nose, which the projectile would continuously track during flight.